The following achievements were made during fiscal 2012:


  • The statutory meetings of CEN and the General Assembly were carried out as planned;
  • Meetings with UPHB permanent staff have been completed;
  • Support to the Office of the Finance Commissioner to make the physical inventory of equipment and equipment of the UPHB;
  • Terms of Reference for an External Financial Audit of the UPHB have been prepared;
  • A UPHB Strategic Plan Development Project is available;
  • Some important decisions have been taken: appointment of new members of CEN, appointment of standing committees and ad hoc working committees, etc.
  • Exchanges with the Minister of Education on Inclusive Education to request that the UPHB be involved in educational planning and the implementation of pedagogical tools in order to contribute to the building (GTE, Education for All Commission, etc.);
  • Interview in February with the President of the Commission in charge of social affairs at the level of the National Assembly in the framework of the bill for the disabled;
  • Reception in April of Mrs. Anneke from the Liliane Foundation who came to hold discussions with the UPHB partners on the project of the Socio Professional Center for Young Disabled People of Burundi "CSPJH";
  • UPHB as a Strategic Partner Organization of the Liliane Foundation also received the status of the Partner Organization with the prerogative to participate in the Direct Support to Children;
  • Active participation in certain events of interest to the disabled person: International Mine Day on 19 April 2012, preparation of the African Child's Day, International Cane White Day 15/10/2012;
  • Meetings with UPHB partners were held: a meeting of the interministerial and sectoral mine commission, a DIWA meeting in Nairobi, a working session with Daniel, Dieudonné and Sr. Aline on 12/06/2012 on the fate of blind children who passed the national competition, a consultation meeting with EAC parliamentarians, a brainstorming session on the establishment of an Advocacy platform on 17 August 2012 May 2012;
  • Organization of the visit of the EAC delegation organized by EDAN from April 16 to 19, 2012;
  • Visit to the headquarters of the Liliane Foundation by the President and Legal Representative of the UPHB from April 30 to May 09, 2012;
  • UPHB participation in international workshops: Génève conference from 29 to 30 September, Nairobi workshop and Arusha workshop in November 2012;
  • Updated List of UPHB Member Organizations;
  • Participation in various capacity-building trainings: training on PADOR online registration in partnership with the OSCAR Project and training on advocacy and lobbying techniques in partnership with Handicap International;
  • The UPHB has made proposals for the amendment of the Constitution of Burundi taking into account the disabled person
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