She is a partner of the UPHB in the framework of the Assistance Program for children aged 0 to 25 with disabilities from poor families . Since 2011, the date of signature of the collaboration agreement, the National Coordination Team '' ECN '' is at work with tangible results in children.  


Priority areas are health, education, child participation in the family, child participation in the community, employment and income. This for a holistic development of the assisted child. In addition, the Liliane Foundation provides support for OPC capacity building projects. The main objective of these CRPs is to improve the provision of services for children and young people with disabilities.

The strategy for implementing this program is the "OP" partner organizations that share the same vision and mission as the Liliane Foundation and the UPHB. There are 14 POs with intermediaries, part of the OP staff, who take care of the children. POs provide supervision, monitoring and evaluation of assistance.

The results of the program are appreciable.







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