GENERAL ASSEMBLY EXTRA 2018On September 23, 2018 from 10am, the General Assembly of the Union of Disabled Persons of Burundi (UPHB, in acronym) was held in the extraordinary session of the State on Services of the Socio-Framing Center -Professional of Young People with Disabilities ( CSPJPH) of theUPHB, and the approval of the draft amendments to the UPHB's Internal Rules and the various other points that may be raised during the meeting. This meeting was convened and chaired by Ms Adelaïde NYIGINA, the President of the National Executive Committee and the Legal Representative of the UPHB. In this General Assembly, all representatives of the UPHB, and the representative of the National Supervisory Council,


 The role of the director of the CSJPH in the field of corporate governance in the field of corporate governance, in particular, this. Thus, projects aimed at supervising young people for a better socio-professional reintegration are carried out; particularly the identification of the direct volunteer requires the assistance of the persons in charge of the organizations of the handicapped persons members of the UPHB. Questions were asked and answered by the Director of the Center, Mr. Vianney Kirajagaraye.

  The team of the National Executive Committee via the Secretary General, moderator, reviewed, article by article, the presentation of the ROI to amend. He first talked about the context of its development, the time he took the committee to come up with this product. The Secretary General uses the Powerpoint and the overhead projector to present the ROI and proceeded to read the articles. After each section, the NEC team received questions, provided clarifications, comments and suggestions. The moderator, assisted by the CEN team, gathered opinions and considerations in the assembly to reach a consensus. At some disagreements, a show of hands was required to be decided on the simple majority.

     After much consensus, the General Assembly of the Union thanked the National Executive Committee for the work well-done. After adoption, a question of debate was articulated on the management of the continuation of the organization of the elections and the approval of the new Disabled Organizations. It should be noted that to date, 37 organizations of people with disabilities in Burundi have already applied for UPHB membership. The General Assembly of the UPHB has given the power to the National Executive Committee to approve the Organization with Disabilities who have applied for membership in 2018 in order to participate in the election in March 2019.


Communication Manager / UPHB

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