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The objectives of the UPHB are mainly the following:  9 objectives

  • Offer the disabled people a space for exchange and expression around their problems and perspectives;
  • Ensure the participation of Persons with Disabilities in the design and implementation of policies and programs of the country in general and those relating to persons with disabilities in particular;
  • To sensitize the community and the public opinion on the perception of Handicap with a view to a change of mentality and behavior;
  • Raise awareness, train and inform people with disabilities;
  • Assist the public authorities to establish and enforce special legislation favorable to the protection, training and employment of persons with disabilities;
  • To promote solidarity among all persons with disabilities;
  • Promote, encourage and support the economic strengthening activities of Persons with Disabilities to combat parasitism, begging and wait-and-see attitude among persons with disabilities;
  • To develop cooperation with other organizations at the national, regional and international levels;
  • Fight against all forms of exploitation of discrimination and stigmatization of Persons with Disabilities.


L’UPHB est dirigé par un Comité Exécutif . Aussi, une Commission Nationale de contrôle composée de cinq membres assure le contrôle régulier du comité exécutif.

L’Assemblée Générale de tous les membres définit la politique de l’Union et prend des décisions importantes. Les membres de ces différents organes travaillent bénévolement.

L’UPHB est représentée au niveau de toutes les provinces du pays. L’UPHB élabore des projets qu’il soumet à différents partenaires (Handicap International, EDAN, Fondation Liliane, etc) pour financement.

During 2012, three main projects were implemented namely the  "Inclusive Education Project" implemented in partnership with Handicap International, the "Quality Plus Program" implemented for children and young people living with disabilities funded by the Liliane Foundation. and the " Advocacy Project   for the Promotion of Rights and Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in the Five EAC Countries", implemented in partnership with EDAN (Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network).

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