Les participants dans l'Atelier:Organisateurs en collaboration avec UPHB et les Representants des organisations membres de l'UPHBOn August 29th to 31st 2018 at the headquarters of the Union of Disabled People's Organizations of Burundi (UPHB, acronym) , there was a training workshop for representatives of disabled people's organizations of the Bujumbura City Council development of a Contingency Plan in an inclusive way

. This workshop was opened by the Deputy Director General of Civil Protection and Disaster Management and Executive Secretary of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Management Platform.

These three consecutive days were devoted to building the capacities of the Representatives of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities on themes as rich as they were varied, including:

  • the usual humanitarian concepts;
  • assessment of risks, vulnerabilities and abilities related to disability;
  • taking the disability dimension into account in humanitarian action;
  • techniques for drawing up a Contingency Plan ; etc.

"So I have no shadow of doubt that with the Facilitators as committed as experienced, a draft of an Action Plan will be developed at the end of this workshop. Said the Director in his opening speech. This workshop had two objectives because "Two major axes [were] to be developed, namely the capacity building of Disaster Risk Reduction actors to include Vulnerable Groups in the Disaster Management Cycle and the development of their resilience in the face of disaster risk reduction. the effects of climate change through training and awareness campaigns. " 

Notons qu’un plan de contingence est un plan de prévention, de réduction  et gestion de risques de catastrophes. A l’heure actuelle, le Burundi a déjà conçu  2 Plans de Contingences au cours de ces 3 dernières années. L’UPHB souhaite que les recommandations présentées par les délégués des Organisations des Personnes Handicapées soient prises en compte lors de la conception du 3e plan, et que ces organisations soient impliquées dans les activités de la Plateforme Nationale de Prévention des Risques et Catastrophes, composées actuellement  des gouverneurs de province, des coordinateurs nationaux de protection civile, des organisations des Nations Unies, de la Croix-Rouge du Burundi, du CICR et des ONGs internationales œuvrant au Burundi.

The activities of this workshop ended in the atmosphere of good atmosphere, accompanied by a photo-family of all participants. The delegate of the President and the Legal Representative of the UPHB expressed his satisfaction with the success of this workshop, and took the opportunity to express thanks and congratulations to the entire UPHB Staff for the success of this meeting. event and for the good sense of organization of the activities of the Rights of the Disabled People .


Head of Communication / UPHB


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